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The one stop marketplace for online businesses.

Importance of a Brand.

"A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs." — Frank Schilling

Real Opportunity

"Domain names and websites are the Internet real estate." — Marc Ostrofsky

Invest In Yourself.

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity known to man.” — Bill Gates

It Is The Future.

"The web is going to be the social defining moment for computing. I think it’s going to be huge." — Steve Jobs

"A domain is a brand.  Brands Create Value.  Business is built on value." tld.org

How it all started...

Our founder, Iris Au first realized her passion at the age of sixteen, she was an active blogger and sold her first domain and website in 2006. Years later upon dabbling in both physical and virtual real estate and accumulating a large domain and website portfolio. Iris recognized a gap in the market and finally decided to share her passion to help new striving entrepreneurs with something she struggled with herself—creating and starting an online business. But most importantly, creating a lasting brand.

Thus the birth of HQ Brands! The one stop marketplace for online businesses! Start off the right way! Choose a domain name (your web identity). Next, it's entirely optional but you can even add a website perfect to match your brand new name! Don't have time or just don't have preferences? No problem! Choose one of our readily made startup websites available here.

Don't forget, sometimes websites needs maintenance and a little boost. So let our partner company assist you. HQ Genius can help you get on the right track.


Our Team

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